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Neck Pain Treatment Near Me in Farragut, TN. Chiropractor For Neck Pain Relief.

Neck Pain Treatment in Farragut & Loudon, TN

Neck pain, also known as cervicalgia, is a growing concern in society today. Premature wear and tear of the neck is more rampant than ever, and chronic technology/desk posture is likely the primary culprit. A recent study showed that the highest prevalence of neck pain exists in people aged 35-65 and contributes to a large variety of extended health issues. Neck pain can contribute to sleep problems, arm numbness, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

Neck pain can result from dysfunction in the joints, muscles, discs, nerves, ligaments, or tendons. Left unresolved, it usually results in compromised motion and chronic elevated tension.

Your neck is designed for a full range and a wide variety of movements and uses. When the neck subluxates (compromising movement and alignment that leads to nerve stress), chiropractic care is one of the most effective ways to improve it. Compared to more aggressive approaches such as injections, surgery, and even prescription medication, conservative chiropractic allows the majority of patients to report significant improvement.

Chiropractic is an all-natural, conservative, effective, and safe approach to treating the root cause of neck pain.

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How Our Neck Pain Care Plan Works


Not everyone is the same, and cookie-cutter approaches usually fail. Through in-depth conversation and state-of-the-art examination processes, we will reveal the fundamental, underlying root cause of your problem.


We know that if we can empower you with understanding and equip you with strategy, we can collectively create long-term results. Our doctor/patient co-participant results system achieves success when other systems fail.

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Your Destiny

When you have ample health, the whole world wins. Your destiny and ability to live it matter to us. We want you to thrive in all things that matter, and your health is a crucial part of unleashing your God-given potential.

How We Treat Neck Pain in Farragut & Loudon, TN

We take a comprehensive approach to treating neck pain. This utilizes different steps and techniques to address your neck pain condition as it is unique to you and your total health.

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Neck pain must first be diagnosed properly and then treated with a comprehensive strategy to strengthen and heal the compromised areas. This strategy helps thousands of people, young and old, with neck pain.

We start by thoroughly understanding what your neck has endured over the years. This is much more important than it seems.

  • Did you ever have a whiplash?
  • Have you played contact sports?
  • Were forceps or vacuums part of your birth process?
  • Do you work on a computer?
  • Do you have a long commute?

All of these are relevant to helping you correct previous damage and limit it in the future.

Next, we will guide you through a series of relevant examinations. We leave no stone unturned as we perform posture, load, mobility, neurological, and muscle activation tests. These exams will allow us to isolate the underperforming areas and learn how to help you address them.

Proper neck health is rarely resolved by simply covering up the symptoms and pain with some type of pharmaceutical approach. Our root analysis allows us to get such great results with our patients.

Digital X-rays

X-rays can be very important in providing comprehensive care to someone with neck pain. They allow us to see any new issues and any long-standing concerns that the body may have been compensating for for years.

Different areas of the neck have different functions: the lower neck handles arching your neck back and forth, and the upper neck handles turning your neck and head. Seeing the issues of these specific areas allows us to be sure of what we are dealing with and how best and most efficiently to help you fix it.

An X-ray will allow us to see the alignment and mechanical function of the neck, including areas of damage like arthritis, facet compromise, degenerative disc disease, joint fixation, ligament instability, and foraminal encroachment.

Specific Chiropractic Care In Farragut & Loudon, TN

When the spine segments stop loading and moving correctly, they ultimately put pressure on the nervous system, causing a wide range of stress in your neurology, often resulting in pain. This process is called neck subluxation.

Neck subluxations can lead to headaches and pain in the head, neck, upper back, shoulders, and even arms.

Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct spinal subluxations. We have successfully guided many patients to correct these underlying mechanical and neurological deficits through corrective adjustments and specific spinal stabilization exercises.

Chiropractors are so effective in dealing with neck pain because of our specific training and specialization in spinal care. Chiropractic is safe, well-proven, and efficient at correcting neck issues. Patient satisfaction ratings with respect to chiropractic are some of the highest in all of health care.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

A completely passive approach (taking medications) is rarely an effective long-term strategy. Usually, a patient will need to actively engage in some aspects of retraining the soft tissues in their neck. This is done through a variety of different therapeutic types of stretches, stabilization exercises, or even a gentle form of cervical traction. We will guide you on which of these might be needed for your comprehensive recovery.

Nutritional Supplementation

Several natural supplements are available to help with inflammation, pain moderation, and even cartilage/soft tissue health. Our chiropractic doctors are trained to recognize deficiencies and recommend supplements to help you recover with excellent efficacy and efficiency.

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Shepherd of the Lake Loudon, TN
Shepherd of the Lake Loudon, TN
Been going to Courtley for 22 years . Excellent chiropractic
Brenda Ortman
Brenda Ortman
Both doctors are excellent and the entire staff is very friendly. I’ve already seen improvement halfway thru my program!
Mark Spear
Mark Spear
Great doctors and staff, recommend to anyone who wants to live a full & active life!
Michael Wilinski
Michael Wilinski
Courtley Chiropractic is a very friendly and timely run office with a great staff that makes you feel like family! I would highly recommend them to anybody that has any discomfort or pain
Jackie barnes
Jackie barnes
Very attentive doctors have worked with me to better my health and well being. Also, the friendly staff I’ve ever encountered.
Linda B
Linda B
Everyone super friendly, I'm in maintenance, so in and out in about 5 min. Good discussion and X-rays first visit.
David Springer
David Springer
We love Courtley chiropractic! They have all been very good to our family! Best chiropractor in Knoxville!
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Common Causes of Neck Pain in Farragut & Loudon, TN

There are several reasons that you can be experiencing neck pain. Knowing these potential causes may help you identify why you are experiencing neck pain that would require chiropractic care.

Bulged Cervical Disc

Discs in the neck can easily be visualized by thinking of a jelly donut, and they serve a few primary purposes. First, they act as shock absorbers to help cushion against gravity. Next, they act as a buffer to maintain space between the bones, which allows them to have enough room to move. Lastly, the space they help maintain allows nerves to exit the spinal cord.

If a disc gets thin or the wall of the disc gets weak, the above functions become compromised.

Bulging discs happen when the disc wall weakens, and the pressure inside the disc starts to make the wall bulge outward. This is especially painful when it first occurs and creates inflammation, which is usually worse when moving. Your neck may respond well to ice because it helps to reduce inflammation that is causing your neck pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease means that the jelly donut is starting to dehydrate and flatten out—kind of like a grape turning into a raisin. This will happen when the disc is no longer loading properly, moving properly, or exchanging fluid properly. This can be accelerated or slowed down based on many different things that are within the patient’s control.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the canal through which the spinal cord passes. This can be due to several different reasons. Often, scar tissue and subluxated vertebrae will occupy this space, and it is even possible that certain ligaments will thicken and reduce the amount of room for the nerves to operate.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain happens when the muscles get overexerted or have more demand than they are trained to handle. Athletes can experience this when lifting weights, a mechanic could feel this after working under a car for a while, or even a child who wears a heavy helmet on their head. This type of neck pain is usually felt more with movement and feels soothed with heat.

Herniated Cervical Disc

If the disc continues to weaken, it may herniate. This is where some of the “jelly” from inside the donut leaks out. This can be increasingly painful and persistent because the jelly can rest on a nerve. People may find it difficult just to support the weight of their head when a disc herniates. If it does chafe on a nerve, the pain will radiate throughout the distribution of that nerve.


Whiplash happens anytime the body experiences rapid acceleration and deceleration. Commonly associated with car accidents, it also happens in other impact-oriented scenarios in life. Examples are contact sports like lacrosse, football, hockey, and headers in soccer. Whiplash involves all of the neck’s tissues and is felt predominantly in the soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Tech Neck

Tech neck happens when a monotonous posture, usually from using technology, screens, or handheld electronics, negatively loads and burdens the neck. The forward and downward head positions that are so epidemic in our society errantly load the discs and bones, creating chronic pressure and premature degeneration in the neck. Discs and bones were not intended to handle this chronic positioning for the length of time that our lives often now demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chiropractor in Farragut and Tellico Village, TN, good for neck pain?

Chiropractic is definitely the most successful and safest approach to resolving neck pain for good.

When should you see a chiropractor for neck pain?

The sooner you act on a problem, the quicker it will resolve. Taking action as soon as you know of a problem will ensure the greatest success.

Is it okay to “pop” my own neck?

This is definitely not a good idea. The joints in the neck need a delicate balance of mobility and stability. Popping your own neck can exaggerate mobility and result in chronic issues. Rarely is the release of tension felt by “self-popping” when dealing with the actual issue.

Is a massage or chiropractic better for neck pain?

Although we are big fans of massage therapy, chiropractors are the most highly trained and educated when it comes to the joints of the neck and spine. They are able to assess the problem at deeper levels. If massage therapy is the best care for you, our doctors will certainly let you know.

Do medical doctors recommend chiropractors for neck pain?

Absolutely, we regularly have patients who come to our office because their medical physicians have referred them.

Does insurance cover chiropractors for neck pain?

Yes. Insurance companies cover chiropractors to care for patients with neck complaints.

How can I relieve my neck pain?

If your neck pain is sharp, it is best to try to do gentle movements within the pain-free range. When the pain is more of a dull ache, you can integrate some gentle range-of-motion stretches. Combining ice and heat will also often help with the body’s natural healing response.

How should I sleep with neck pain?

When you are experiencing neck pain, finding a pain-free position is the general rule. Each type of injury is unique, and there really is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rest is healing, and getting good sleep is best. Find what feels best and sleep.

Why does my neck hurt on one side?

There are many possible answers to that question, but it is most common that the body would have experienced a load that exceeded your tolerance on that one side. For example, you kinked your neck in that direction while sleeping, used your right arm more and worked that side most often, or a car hit your vehicle on the driver’s side and affected your body more on one side than the other.

How can you tell if your neck is out of alignment?

If you experience a difference in any of the motion patterns, such as turning better to the right than left, get headaches, feel pain down your arms, or have tension in your neck, across your shoulders, or down to your shoulder blades, you probably have a neck alignment issue.

$49 New Patient Neck Pain Screening

Doctor’s Report of Findings
1st Adjustment
X-rays if necessary

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