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We Help People Find The Root Cause of Their Problems & Get Long-Term Solutions

2 Convenient Locations Serving Farragut & Tellico Village

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Feel & Move Better • Greater Resiliency & Quicker Recovery
Do Everything You Were Created For

Chiropractor Farragut Loudon TN

Is Your Health Holding You Back?

  • Are everyday tasks a struggle?
  • Does your outlook for the future scare you?
  • Are pain and stiffness limiting your life?
  • Have you tried to alleviate the concern only to be disappointed?
  • Are you tired of not knowing how to help yourself?

Hear From Patients Just Like You

I have been plagued by migraine headaches, neck, and back problems ever since I was a teen-ager. I have found his treatments singularly successful! The adjustments have allowed me to continue the activities of yard work and handy man. Getting older is the easy part; being able to enjoy it is a gift.

Ken R.Patient

For about 15 years, prior to seeing Dr. Courtley, I would end up in bed for a few days every month. Dr. Courtley’s methods have really been miraculous for me. I am more active, feel more balanced, and generally feel better overall.

Tom S.Patient

My whole family has been treated in this office and we've never had a bad or even lackluster experience. The staff are all great and Dr. Courtley and Dr. Matt are very knowledgeable. The entire atmosphere is such that you can just tell they truly care for their patients. Two thumbs up! Highly recommend!

Samantha W.Patient

Courtley Chiropractic is FANTASTIC! First, I feel better. I can honestly say the progress I have made in just a short time, has truly made me a believer in their approach. My specific issues are being addressed 100% , BUT, I can ALSO see (and feel) measurable improvement in my overall well being. I sleep better, I breath more easily and I have regained freedom of movement- without pain or stiffness! I was not aware of my specific conditions until I had my examination and was shocked at how the years have been 'unkind' to my alignments. I plan to stay and continue my road to wellness with Courtley. I never miss an appointment and put 100% into my treatment- and it is paying off more than I expected. Finally, you won't find a kinder, more caring and welcoming staff anywhere. Dr 's Scott and Matt and the ENTIRE office is EXCEPTIONAL. What a blessing

Steve D.Patient

I found Courtley Chiropractic through an internet search of the reviews of local chiropractors. All of the five-star reviews are more than deserved. Dr.Scott and Dr. Matt are very approachable and are very patient with any questions you may have. I had never been to a chiropractor, but I knew after just a few visits I made the right choice to see one and the practice I chose. They are extremely flexible with scheduling, and the front desk personnel are very nice and helpful. After being in extreme pain due to, as it turns out, two compressed disks affecting my sciatic nerves, I am already feeling less pain and my mobility has increased greatly.


Paisley is slowly getting her energy back after 4 days of throwing up. She said Courtley Chiropractic made her all better yesterday, Thanks Dr.Matt! 100 days of Kindergarten! So glad she wanted to do something a little more simple.

Ashley L.Patient

Significantly less pain, better range of motion, decreased headaches and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Jennifer A.Patient

Always knowledgabel and professional, and above all effective. My neck, back and hips have neve felt better.


My posture is better, I am sleeping better and my neck has stopped hurting almost completely. I am able to accomplish more at home and work without limitations.

Curtis M.Patient

The Courtley Difference


Not everyone is the same, and cookie-cutter approaches usually fail. Through in-depth conversation and state-of-the-art examination processes, we will reveal the fundamental, underlying root cause of your problem.


We know that if we can empower you with understanding and equip you with strategy, we can collectively create long-term results. Our doctor/patient co-participant results system achieves success when other systems fail.

Walk Out
Your Destiny

When you have ample health, the whole world wins. Your destiny and ability to live it matter to us. We want you to thrive in all things that matter, and your health is a crucial part of unleashing your God-given potential.

How Courtley Chiropractic Helps All Types of Patients & Conditions

Chiropractor for Personal Wellness in Farragut and Loudon, TN. Personal Wellness Chiropractor Near Me.
Lifestyle Concerns
Shoulder Pain Treatment Chiropractor in Farragut and Loudon, TN. Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Near Me.
Shoulder Pain
Chiropractor for TMJ Pain in Farragut and Loudon, TN. Chiropractor for TMJ Near Me.

Two Convenient Locations To Serve
The West Knoxville Community

Meet Dr. Courtley

Dr. Scott Courtley grew up North of Detroit in Shelby Township, Michigan. He pursued his undergraduate studies in Michigan and received his doctorate from Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. After completing his doctorate, he moved to Loudon County, TN, where he founded Courtley Chiropractic and has been practicing and serving the community for over 25 years.

Meet Dr. Tonnos

Dr. Matt and his wife, Dr. Amy, absolutely love East Tennessee.  After completing chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta, they returned to their childhood homes in Canada and created a wonderful family chiropractic practice.  They continue to direct and serve this practice, but they always knew that one day, they’d return to the South.  They have four children.  Payton is 18 and a rower at the University of Wisconsin.  Matteo is a junior in high school and loves triathlon and distance running.  Kaelan is a freshman in high school and recently developed a new love for tennis.  Rhys is about to start middle school and is training in martial arts.  

Chiropractor Team Farragut Loudon TN Near Me

What Makes Courtley Chiropractic So Different?

Courtley Chiropractic is an industry leader in natural health care. Our state-of-the-art approach and comprehensive evaluation allow us to succeed with patients when many other options have failed.

Our understanding of how the body works, what most commonly interferes with the normal and healthy expression of your health, and how to fix it truly sets us apart.

We know that, inherently, you were designed to be healthy. Understanding the path that leads to you losing that great function and orchestrating a plan to recover and optimize it is what we do best.

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Pain and suffering have become so common in our lives that we often make misplaced comments like “Life after 40 is all downhill.” In fact, the opposite is actually true. Health, well-being, and a vibrant existence are really what your body inherently works towards. Day-to-day life may have interfered with this natural ability to be well, but that’s what we specialize in helping you get back.

Whether it’s a one-time accident, a repetitive life at a desk, too much time driving, chronic headaches from tension, or even a concussion, our care is designed to help you get your life back.

We use a discovery process designed to unearth the true root cause of the issue. Then, using the latest science in chiropractic and a multitude of patient-centered adjusting techniques, we get to work helping you heal. Once the initial “fire” is extinguished and you begin to feel better, it will be time to stabilize the issue so that you can fully heal and confidently put to rest the fear of this continuing to worsen.

A fully engaged and functional life is our end goal for you. One where you can do the things you were put on this earth to do with confidence in your body’s ability to do what you ask.

If additional layers of health are concerning you, our comprehensive approach will allow you to participate in advanced living workshops and teachings that even include lifestyle analysis that goes as deep as nutritional empowerment, weight loss strategy, sleep improvement, and hormone regulation.

At Courtley Chiropractic, you can be sure that we have the latest resources and skills to help you live out a natural, healthy life.

Discover How Courtley Chiropractic Helps People Like You

Live Their Lives With Freedom & Confidence

We Believe You Were Designed To Be Healthy & It Is Your God-Given Right To Be Able To Do The Things You Have Want Love To Do.

Our doctors have over 600 Five-Star Reviews.  Hear from a few of them…


“At one point, he said “You have acid reflux problems, right,” and I said, “Yeah, terrible ones.” How he could tell that from my spine, I’ll never know, but he could. They’re good. Before treatment, my wife referred to me as Quasimodo because I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t play golf, I didn’t walk so much as shuffle. I wish I had started coming here when I was young. I look forward to coming here.”

Chiropractor Patient
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“I had lived with this pain for a very long time. Now, I have no pain in the morning anymore, and my flexibility has improved greatly. Right when I walked into the office, I immediately felt welcomed; such a peaceful environment; it just felt right.”

Chiropractor Patient
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“Over 25 years, it’s become a lifestyle. We’ve been so grateful for all they’ve done for us. You will not be sorry; this is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The compassion you find here is so rare. They’re really a blessing to us!”
John & Kathy

Chiropractor Patient
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“They’ve made it so easy, and they’re so nice. It’s nice to feel like they’re listening and I actually feel relief when I get off the table. You can’t go wrong coming here. It’s the best I’ve ever felt. Run, don’t walk, it’s worth it!”

Chiropractor Patient
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Years of Combined Experience
Years Serving West Knoxville
People Helped
Specific Adjustments Delivered

We Are Proud To Be Recognized As A Health Leader In Farragut

Most Policies Have Chiropractic Coverage and We Accept These Major Insurance Companies

How Our Better Results Faster Plan Works

Get To The Root Cause of The Problem

Set up a time so you and your doctor can do a thorough analysis to truly discover the root cause of your pain and problems. You will be assessed for structure, function, movement deficit, adaptability, and a series of other health-related parameters.

Create The Best Plan of Action

Our doctors will collaborate together (two brains are better than one) to discover the customized care options that are available to you. We will create a custom plan of attack to not only get you out of pain fast but to keep you out of pain long term.

Get Back To Living Your Best Life

Receive the attention and care you need to get back to the life you want. Our doctors will provide care and guide you on your journey so that life’s greatest experiences can once again be yours.

How does Courtley Chiropractic help you be the best version of yourself?

Corrective Chiropractic Care
Stabilization & Functional Exercises
Individualized Care Plans
Custom Foot Orthotics

What not fixing your problem could cost you, now and in the future…

People wishing that they dealt with a health problem sooner is one of the most common sources of regret.

In our office, the “I wish I found you sooner” conversation is one that motivates us daily to bring all that we have to suffering people in West Knoxville.

So many people are living in pain, mediocrity, and compromise because of a preventable spinal health condition. Rarely do these conditions go away on their own, the majority of them do nothing but continue getting worse. Most of the patients who consult us are pleased to find out that their condition is significantly improvable and quite often reversible. Waiting longer will only decrease the likelihood of success and perhaps cause collateral issues that only further impair your life.

We are pleased to report that a common phrase in our office is “Thank you for helping me get my mobility and life back.”

Before you continue to get worse and beyond the point of help, we encourage you to take action today and see how bright your future can be.

Start Your Health Journey

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Chiropractor Team Farragut Loudon TN Near Me
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