Welcome to Courtley Chiropractic where we focus on setting people free from their current health conditions so they may live their lives to their fullest potential. Please feel free to browse our site and learn more about Courtley Chiropractic and to view the video to the right from Doctor Scott. If your suffering from any pain at all we’d like to offer you a free consultation, with no obligation what so ever, to see if we can help you out. 


“My flexibility and overall health has improved. Courtley Chiropractic is about maintaining a high quality of life, no matter how old or young.”     — Debbie M.

“I have been plagued by migraine headaches, neck, and back problems ever since I was a teen-ager. I have found his treatments singularly successful! The adjustments have allowed me to continue the activities of yard work and handy man. Getting older is the easy part; being able to enjoy it is a gift.”     — Ken R.


We are here to help you take back your personal health and to teach you what real health is and how you can achieve it! We are excited to meet you and to help you on your journey. Call us today and receive a complementary consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon. God Bless