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A $190.00 value - only $39.00 for new patients who have seen our 5 star rated ad on Google.

Below you will find video testimonial and reviews.  Please take some time to see what our patients have to say about us.  

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Google reviews

“Before I started coming, neck and jaw pain was affecting my everyday life. For the most part, my pain has gone away and my life has been changed.”      — Shane G.

“I didn’t realize I actually had a problem before seeing Dr. Courtley.  The constant pain I felt in my back and shoulders is gone for good!  Pain that I had accepted as a way of life is now gone.”      — Annette S

“I thought about having neck surgery but a neighbor told me to try Dr. Courtley first. The adjustments changed my thoughts of having surgery and have kept me moving.”                                    — Eugene G. (age 82)

“For about 15 years, prior to seeing Dr. Courtley, I would end up in bed for a few days every month. Dr. Courtley’s methods have really been miraculous for me. I am more active, feel more balanced, and generally feel better overall.”     — Tom S.

“Without him and his expert care in chiropractic I would not be able to walk. I thank God for allowing me to see Dr. Scott.”     — Diane P.

“I was having back pain and decided that I needed to do something about it. I set up an appointment to see Doctor Courtley, with his treatment plan my back no longer hurts all the time.”     — Ed C.

“My flexibility and overall health has improved. Courtley Chiropractic is about maintaining a high quality of life, no matter how old or young.”     — Debbie M.

“I have been plagued by migraine headaches, neck, and back problems ever since I was a teen-ager. I have found his treatments singularly successful! The adjustments have allowed me to continue the activities of yard work and handy man. Getting older is the easy part; being able to enjoy it is a gift.”     — Ken R.

“Dr. Courtley has helped me keep walking after knee replacement and speed up my recovery.”       — Nancy B.

If you are suffering from any pain at all or simply want to start the journey of reclaiming control of your personal health, call our office today at (865) 986-8088 to set up an appointment and take advantage of this fantastic $39.00 new patient offer.

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